What actually is dinghy cruising?

Dinghy cruising is the use of sailing dinghies for purposes other than racing - which can be anything from coastal sailing to pottering in a sheltered lake. Here are some perspectives on what dinghy cruising means to different people.

I have just spent an interesting three days at Beale Park talking to people about dinghy cruising when they visited our pontoon. ‘What is dinghy cruising?’ was the most common question, along with the statement ‘We thought people just raced in dinghies.’ Those who had some idea usually had a mental image of bearded middle-aged men battling the elements on epic voyages ... ‘We’ve read about Frank Dye ...’

Nick Watts dispels some myths in Nowhere Near The Edge of Fear.

I wondered idly why it seemed that the majority of dinghy cruisers seemed to be a solitary breed – when the pastime was manifestly such fun when shared with others.

Nick Watts reflects on a dinghy cruiser stereotype in Are we a solitary breed?

This was the first time that Dad and I had sailed together without the rest of the family and also the first time that I had spent more than one night at a time on Harmony.

Archie Watts goes Dinghy Cruising with Dad.

While the most popular events in the DCA calendar are the rallies organized by our five regional groups, some of us like to spread our wings occasionally and range a little more widely.

Keith Muscott tells the tale of how The DCA Discovers the Baltic.

On a clear summer's Friday evening after a week at work in a grimy city, the need to get out on the water becomes urgent. After a couple of days exploring the Dee estuary I felt recharged, ready to face another week at work.

John Hughes is Going With The Flow.


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